Tools for special applications

Even if the standard tool is not enough or does not fit, we won't let you go it alone. With special tools, you can even solve the trickiest special cases and exceptional difficulties when repairing a vehicle.

Special solutions for special problems

A nut with a special profile. Limited space in a workpiece or vehicle. Custom-made solutions, where your tool does not fit. Situations like these are part of everyday operations in our customer vehicle workshops. And for every application, we have the right specialized tool in our assortment.

Our comprehensive assortment

We work with the brands Kukko, Gedore Automotive (formerly Klann), Paschke, HAZET and KS Tools to support you in multiple areas: axles, suspension and steering, brakes, compressed air, electrics, driveshafts and transmissions, clutches and chains, bodywork, air conditioning, cooling systems, engines, tarpaulins, wheels and tires, lines and hoses.
Is a special case making thing difficult? Our technical specialists are happy to help and make sure you get the right special tool. Please contact us!

Catalog Tools

Are you looking for the right tool? In our catalog we offer you an overview of our comprehensive range of professional tools for perfect workshop equipment. From tools for special applications, hand, compressed air and electric tools, various consumable items, in addition to measuring and testing equipment, we have everything in stock for immediate delivery! (catalog only available in German)

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Not only do we deliver quickly, we also deliver exactly the right product – because our specialists give you extensive advice and expertise. Do you have a question? Are you looking for the right spare part or accessories? Get in touch with us!

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