Interior equipment for trucks and more

We make the ride in your commercial vehicles safer and more comfortable, with a full range from coolers to floor mats and storage tables to assistance systems.

On-board equipment for any vehicle

Some details and accessories simply make the work of drivers easier and more enjoyable, but many items of on-board equipment are essential for safety and well-being. Our assortment gives you an all-round selection of equipment: the right music and radio system as well as safety systems such as video cameras and turn assistant systems.

The right driver seat, for example, makes a big difference in comfort and overall health. This is why we offer a wide range of products for all commercial vehicles: trucks, buses, construction machines, tractors and fork lift trucks of all makes and models, large and small.

Catalog "On-Board Systems and Equipment for Omnibuses"

Equip your omnibuses with the best features, for example with info and entertainment on the road, interior lights, on-board kitchens and seats! Besides technical support such as navigation devices for the driver, we also offer passenger entertainment. Browse online or order now! (catalog only available in German)

The best interior equipment for your commercial vehicle

Privacy curtains or fancy drapes for your cab are something we unfortunately can't deliver.  – But from floor mats to the coolbox, from comfortable driver seats to safety systems, we are your reliable partner for the entire interior equipment of your truck and cab – even in other commercial vehicles.

Especially on longer trips, it is important that the equipment is right – and that the quality is right. With our qualified technical specialists, you have the right contact person: For interior equipment, we guarantee a precise fit and approval for use in your truck. We offer original parts from the reputable brands alongside third-party alternatives – without compromising on the issues that really matter.

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