Hydraulic lines and accessories

We offer a complete range of hydraulic lines, piping parts, screw connections and also the right tools to match – everything available from stock on short notice.

Hydraulic lines for the entire vehicle

We have a full selection of piping parts and screw connections for the hydraulic systems in your vehicles. We offer various designs of suction hoses and low pressure hoses, hose protection spirals, hydraulic pipes, matching low- and high-pressure fittings and screw connections (metric, ORFS, BSP, JIC and others). For any application, for any type of vehicle – trucks, agricultural and construction machines or forestry technology – we have the right hoses and items in stock.

Customized hose manufacturing at winkler

We offer pre-assembled hydraulic lines in various nominal diameters and lengths. If the right line for your needs is not included, we'll gladly custom manufacture a hydraulic line to your specifications in our hose manufacturing facility.

ORFS screw fittings for agricultural technology

With this solution, you can prevent leaks in hydraulic systems – and your daily work is easier, too. Here we explain how it works.

All kinds of couplings

For hydraulic attachments, we're sure to have the right multi-coupling you need: Our extensive assortment includes products, accessories and spare parts from our brand partners CEJN, Faster and MACH Connectors. With our selection of screw couplings, pipe couplings, breakaway couplings, and high-pressure couplings, we give you the flexibility you need for the supply of replacement parts. Whether it's Argus type AK, HDK, RK, Contitech, Edbro, Hyva, or Caterpillar – we have couplings for all standard systems. This also includes various standardized universal flat or taper-sealed plug-in couplings in various sizes.

Hose manufacturing in your workshop

Would you like to manufacture hoses yourself in your own workshop? We have the equipment for this: hose presses, separating machines, embossing equipment, hose holders and all other accessories.

Supplementary items

High-pressure ball valves, high-pressure flanges and tools for screw connections are also included in our range of products.

Catalog "Piping Parts and Screw Fittings"

Get a comprehensive overview of the product range for piping parts and screw connections. Besides spare parts for compressed air, hydraulics, lubrication systems, bearing technology and seals, we also offer you an in-depth technical appendix and other useful everyday aids. Browse online or order a catalog now. (catalog only available in German)

Nominal diameters and thread sizes in hydraulics

Tubes, hoses, and threads in hydraulic systems are described according to their external or internal diameter, as well as by other criteria. We shed light on the rules and regulations.

The right hydraulic line puts the pressure on

Hydraulics works when the individual components of your hydraulic systems are matched perfectly to each other. Therefore, when choosing these components, such as hydraulic lines, you should take a reasonable amount of time to consider all aspects. After all, selecting the right internal diameter for the hose line is just the beginning. Do you still need a protective hose for the hydraulic hoses? How much do they need to be curved, how much curving is allowed? What is the best length, which hose and which coupling match your requirements exactly?

Talk to our technical specialists to make sure the hydraulics in your vehicle work well in all the systems. We'll be happy to help you when it comes to finding the right size of hydraulic hoses with the right connections.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Not only do we deliver quickly, we also deliver exactly the right product – because our specialists give you extensive advice and expertise. Do you have a question? Are you looking for the right spare part or accessories? Get in touch with us!

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