Hoses for tanks and silos

Pressure hoses and suction hoses for any application and material, in rolls or by the meter: Our full assortment of hoses will impress you.

For gases, liquids and solids

We offer hoses for really any purpose and in any size and design. And if you can't find what you're looking for in our extensive selection, we can also manufacture hoses to your requirements exactly.

For all application ranges

In our assortment, you'll find hoses for a very wide range of applications: for liquids and solids as well as for gaseous media, such as hot air or compressed air. We have hoses for food, water, acids and alkalis, PVC granulates, oils and fats or combustibles (pellets, fuels). Or do you need the hose for loading or unloading building materials such as sand, cement, gravel, concrete and bitumen?

Whether it's for loading or unloading with a pressure hose or suction hose, in reels or by the meter, with or without binding/assembly with fittings, with integrated shell clamps or clamps – we'll supply you with the right hose. In our assortment for fire fighting supplies, we also offer special hoses with the matching accessories.

Catalog "Tank and Silo Parts"

From hose goods, fittings, assembly parts and shut-off valves to compressors and unloading accessories, we offer everything you need for your tanker and silo truck. The catalog is rounded off by a technical appendix with helpful tables and safety instructions. See for yourself. (catalog only available in German)

Customized hoses

According to whatever you wish and require: We'll gladly manufacture customized hose lines for you.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Not only do we deliver quickly, we also deliver exactly the right product – because our specialists give you extensive advice and expertise. Do you have a question? Are you looking for the right spare part or accessories? Get in touch with us!

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