Hydraulic valves

Valve elements and control elements are essential so that hydraulic systems work right: Our assortment provides you everything you need, from pressure valves to safety values.

For any situation

Valves and control elements play important roles in hydraulic systems – they not only make sure the volume flows in the right quantity and at the required operating pressure, but also ensure safety, for example. In our diverse assortment, you'll find hydraulic valves for any kind of purpose and in any design.


Our assortment includes all types of safety valves used in hydraulic systems: throttle check valves (also as non-return valves), over-center valves, lowering brake valves and line-break safety devices. Of course, there are also valves for pressure limitation and to prevent excessive pressure. After all, safety is extremely important when it comes to hydraulic systems.

Directional control valves

According to whatever you need: We have a wide selection of directional control valves ready in stock. In our shop, you can get tilt valves in multiple pressure stages, also for the bordmatic, monoblock valves and modular directional control valves (sandwich design) to meet any application-specific requirements. We also offer solenoid valves and a wide selection of cartridge inserts that can help you adapt the valves specifically to your needs.


Accessories, everything for maintenance and care, and also spare parts for all kinds of valves round off our hydraulics assortment. We make it easier for you to get heavy work done quickly and precisely.


By using flow control valves (also called flow regulators), throttle valves (also with a throttle check), and flow dividers for small and large flow rates, you can regulate and control whatever flow you have in the hydraulic system. In our extensive assortment of flow valves, you'll find parts for many different connector sizes.


Our selection naturally also includes operating elements and control elements for hydraulic systems. Among other things, we carry donor valves, rotary switch valves and pull switch valves, electric hand controls, emergency stop switches, hand levers and radio remote controls. This also includes shuttle valves, switchover valves and high-pressure ball valves.

Catalog "Hydraulic Components"

Discover over 3,500 items related to mobile hydraulics in our catalog - from hydraulic systems and power units to oil containers, hydraulic oils, pumps and motors. In addition, with the help of our practical tips for users, you can also educate yourself on the subject of hydraulics at the same time. Browse online or order now! (catalog only available in German)

Training courses in hydraulics

Our training and education courses in hydraulics is geared entirely to your needs and questions. The seminars are based on practical experience and led by experienced winkler product trainers.

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