Vehicle electronics, electrics and batteries

From installation materials to relays to wet batteries: In our assortment you'll find everything to keep the electricity moving in your commercial vehicle.

To keep the current flowing

These days, in modern commercial vehicles, nothing works without electronics: Whether in buses or in agricultural machines, electrical systems no longer just supply starters and lamps, but also a wide range of electronic control and monitoring systems that do their work in the background.

This is why our assortment of vehicle electronics, batteries and electrical systems for vehicles also covers such a wide range. From electrical installation materials to cable ties up to voltage transformers: at winkler, you'll find everything that conducts electricity in your vehicle and uses it. This also includes all electrical connection parts, plugs and sockets, cables, switches and relays. We carry batteries featuring a wide range of technologies from our own high-quality brand or from the renowned brands of original equipment manufacturers.

Our selection is rounded off by proper installation materials and the tools that match – everything available and ready for delivery immediately.

Vehicle electronics is everywhere

Whenever a warning light goes on somewhere or a sensor sets off an alarm, vehicle electronics are involved. Through relays, controls and sensitive control systems, they provide greater safety and extend the service life of many individual parts. After all, these systems do their duty in almost every vehicle and warn us of dangers, prevent accidents, or simply pay attention to whether certain parts of your commercial vehicle urgently need to be serviced or even repaired.

Of course, the increase in electronics has made control systems more complex. At the same time, the right services and a high level of networking vehicles with other systems have made close integration into logistics planning and other things possible. This opens up completely new possibilities, especially for intercity transport.

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