Special occupational safety and health

Electricians, forestry operations, painters and welders need special protective items: winkler can help here, too.

Special helmets, gloves and more

Our assortment for "special work protection" includes numerous safety-relevant protective items, as they are necessary for the needs of painters and welders and also required for electricians and forestry operations. This starts with special helmets with face protection – such as forestry helmets with visors, welding shields, and welding helmets and goggles – and definitely goes beyond special hand protection and other protective items in the areas mentioned. You need to protect your employees and yourself – winkler takes care of that.

Catalog "Occupational Health and Safety"

Are you looking for the right protective equipment for your everyday work or do you want to make it safer for your employees? winkler ensures your all-round protection: In our catalog "All about Occupational Health and Safety" you will find an overview of our product range from head, mouth and hand protection, shoes, socks and clothing to first aid. (catalog only available in German)

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