Whistleblower Act

Trust and Responsibility

The trust of our customers, business partners and employees is our most valuable asset. Honesty, integrity and conduct in accordance with relevant laws are prerequisites for this. To this end, we are guided by business and ethical standards, applicable law and guidelines. In preventing and combating harmful misconduct in the workplace, we rely on the help of each individual in order to be able to detect compliance violations at an early stage.

We want to protect you as a whistleblower effectively and offer you with the help of our external data protection officer Mr. Erich Zimmerman, E-mail hinweis@zida-datenschutz.de or mailing address : ZiDa-Datenschutz GmbH, Erich Zimmermann, Schwarzwaldstr. 17,  D-68163 Mannheim, www.zida-datenschutz.de  secure communication for submitting anonymous reports.

Further information on this (Which reports can I submit and how? What is the reporting procedure? How do I keep my anonymity? etc.) can be found under www.zida-datenschutz.de/hinweisgeber


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