Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets (SDS) are used to communicate safety-related information about substances and mixtures. In our online shop you will find SDS for all products concerned, which provide you with information on the hazards of a substance or mixture and on their safe storage, handling and disposal.

Download the safety data sheets

Are you looking for a safety data sheet (SDS) or product data sheet for a chemical product? To do so, enter the respective winkler item number in the winkler Online Shop and download the corresponding SDS quickly and easily on the item detail page under the Downloads tab.


All SDS are updated regularly. If there are no significant changes to the classification of the substance/mixture, you will not receive any active information about the update afterwards.


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Bulk buyers

If you have larger requirements for SDS, please contact your technical specialist. Likewise, winkler can provide you with cadastral data of hazardous substances in Excel format.

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