Hydraulic units and systems

Whether it's for tipping, a crane, or a moving floor, we deliver the right hydraulic system: We offer pre-defined or individually assembled systems to match the purpose it's used for.

Systems that fit perfectly thanks to our experts

Do you need a new hydraulic unit or hydraulic system? When you talk to our technical specialists, you're sure to find what's right for you. We not only have pre-defined systems for many areas of application, but can also put together special customized systems from our full assortment: You'll find any kind of oil container, hydraulic pump, valve, hydraulic cylinder, piping part and screw connection you can think of. Thanks to the various designs of our oil containers, the hydraulic system can be installed in a variety of mounting locations, on the side of the frame, behind the cab or in other suitable places.

Quality products, accessories and hydraulic units

For all components, we work with leading brand manufacturers such as Parker, Bosch Rexroth, Sunfab, Chapel and Interpump, whose quality you can rely on. With our retrofit kits, such as for trailer tipping, we provide you assistance if you want to retrofit or convert a hydraulic system. For assembly and maintenance, we naturally also have the right accessories in stock: assembly consoles, hydro swivel arms and holders for donor valves as well as couplings.

Our selection also includes hydraulic units and motor-pump units: for small tippers, with integrated lowering and pressure limiting valves, or for use with double-acting cylinders.

Catalog "Hydraulic Components"

Discover over 3,500 items related to mobile hydraulics in our catalog - from hydraulic systems and power units to oil containers, hydraulic oils, pumps and motors. In addition, with the help of our practical tips for users, you can also educate yourself on the subject of hydraulics at the same time. Browse online or order now! (catalog only available in German)

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Not only do we deliver quickly, we also deliver exactly the right product – because our specialists give you extensive advice and expertise. Do you have a question? Are you looking for the right spare part or accessories? Get in touch with us!

Configuration of hydraulic systems

The hydraulic experts at winkler gladly help when it comes to configuring hydraulic systems for semitrailer tractors, providing support with the initial fitting, or even assisting with the installation of auxiliary drive solutions, for example.

The perfect unit: the hydraulic unit

A hydraulic unit combines all the important components of a hydraulic system used to generate the volume flow and pressure: the hydraulic pump and its drive (usually an electric motor), the tank with the hydraulic medium – such as the correct hydraulic oil – the necessary filters and, if required, other necessary components such as a cooling system.

Suitable consumers, especially hydraulic motors, can then be connected to the hydraulic unit for operation. Compact units especially can be very useful for retrofitting a hydraulic system with low effort and in a limited space, such as for lifting platforms or other areas of use.

But of course, as usual when working with hydraulics, the hydraulic unit must be adapted to the requirements you place on the system as a whole. Is the volume flow high enough to do the job that the consumer is supposed to manage? Does the design fit the vehicle and the purpose?

By all means, get the advice from our technical specialists – we'*re sure to have the right hydraulic power unit for you, too!

Maintenance and servicing

Like the components of any other hydraulic system, hydraulic units must be maintained and inspected regularly. Especially the filters must be cleaned regularly or replaced. In general, such units certainly are not fragile. In the hydraulic unit, pump supports provide the connection between the electric motor and the hydraulic pump. Since they are subjected to heavy forces and torques, they are usually designed to be quite massive.

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