Paint mixing unit

The hard everyday life quickly leaves its traces. With us you get the right paint and the right shade for your vehicle.

Color tone and quality must be right

For commercial vehicles, there are many different color blends and a wide variety of paint finishes. In the daily and heavy use of your vehicles, there is often damage to the paintwork, which should be repaired as quickly as possible before the bodywork is attacked. Preventing corrosion and rust is the top priority.

Paint color and quality are important even for the smallest paint repairs. With winkler's comprehensive and environmentally compatible paint program, you are on the safe side for these repairs. We pay particular attention to ensuring that our paints meet the special requirements that arise when used on commercial vehicles.

It's all in the mix.

For your repairs, you usually need a special vehicle paint in a timely and uncomplicated manner. To make sure we hit just the right note, we use Mipa's flexible and state-of-the-art paint mixing system. No matter whether RAL, DB, LM, MCS or manufacturer-specific colorations: We are able to mix almost all color shades for you.

Small or large quantities

We can supply you with the paint in any container size you need even in sizes as small as one liter.

Acrylic or synthetic resin

All our coatings are available as acrylic and synthetic resin coatings and meet the usual high Mipa quality.

Compatible with primer

All coatings can be easily combined with Mipa products such as fillers, putties and primers.

From spray can

For small cosmetic repairs we mix almost all colors in PUR/HS quality also as 400 ml spray can. A spray head with variable spray strength allows you to paint easily and cleanly.

Overnight delivery

We mix your desired color in one of the three largest central warehouses for commercial vehicle spare parts in Europe. You will receive your ordered goods no later than the following day. This is ensured by our reliable and efficient logistics concept. 

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