Axle repair

We have over 60 years of experience in repairing defective axles.

A new purchase is not always necessary

Damage to the axle due to heavy loads and poor road conditions is often unavoidable, especially in construction and agriculture. The most common causes of axle damage are then often wheel bearing damage or worn steering knuckle bearings.
The specialists at the winkler technology center in Ludwigsburg repair around 1,200 damaged axles every year. By refurbishing individual axle components, buying a new axle can often be avoided.

Over 60 years experience

winkler developed axle repairs in their workshop over 60 years ago. With the experience we have gathered over decades, we are also able to repair your axle quickly and inexpensively.

Our goal is not to scrap a high-quality axle with a damaged axle stub, but to repair it quickly and inexpensively. We guarantee 100% load capacity for axles repaired by us without restrictions compared to a new part.

Steering knuckle before

Steering knuckle after

Fast and reliable

So that your vehicles are quickly ready for use again, our winkler Technical Center offers you a manufacturer-independent axle repair as an alternative to buying a new one. A short-term repair within one working day is also possible. If repairs are no longer possible or not economically viable, we can also supply quick and inexpensive replacements.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you and organize the logistics for you.

Our inspection and repair services

  • Entry and exit control with electromagnetic crack detection
  • Measurement of axle bodies and add-on parts
  • Straightening of bending after accident damage
  • Correction of running characteristics such as track and camber
  • Repair of wheel bearing seats, self-aligning bearings, threads, thrust ring seats and axle stub bores
  • Renewing the steering knuckle bores and thrust bearing seats
  • Renewal of wheel bearing units
  • Renewing or repairing individual assemblies
  • Welding work on cracked components
  • Change of the axle geometry for special vehicles
  • Overhaul of brake components

Our range of services

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