Measuring and testing devices

Our devices give you quick answers to the small and big issues of day-to-day operations in the workshop: from tire tread depths to the battery status to screw diameters.

Always something to measure

What is the screw diameter? Which thread does it have? How much profile does my tire still have? Is my battery broken?
Such questions have to be asked and, above all, answered every day in a workshop. Measuring and testing devices are the small, and sometimes big helpers in everyday tasks. They display the necessary values reliably and quickly, making work easier and faster and saving costs.

According to whatever you need

In our assortment, tailored to meet professional needs, you get everything from a single source. For example, simple length measurements can be made with folding rulers, tape measures and rulers. For other measurements, we offer micrometers and dial gauges, angle gauges, spirit levels, thermometers and pressure gauges as well as thread gauges and feeler gauges.

Comprehensive assortment

With endoscopes, stethoscopes, cameras and mirrors, you can get an eye, or an ear, behind the scenes. Leak test devices, gas detectors and leak detection lamps also reveal problems that are completely hidden from sight.

We naturally carry electrical measuring devices (e.g. voltmeters, multi-function meters, battery testers) and everything to check the performance of vehicles and machines: revolution counters, torque wrench testers, antifreeze testers, tire inflation gauges, tread depth gauges, as well as testing devices for brakes and V-belt testers.

Catalog Tools

Are you looking for the right tool? In our catalog we offer you an overview of our comprehensive range of professional tools for perfect workshop equipment. From tools for special applications, hand, compressed air and electric tools, various consumable items, in addition to measuring and testing equipment, we have everything in stock for immediate delivery! (catalog only available in German)

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Not only do we deliver quickly, we also deliver exactly the right product – because our specialists give you extensive advice and expertise. Do you have a question? Are you looking for the right spare part or accessories? Get in touch with us!

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