Professional hand protection

From latex to leather, from assembly gloves to protection against irreversible injuries: winkler protects your hands.

Gloves for any needs

No matter if it's leather, polyurethane, nitrile, nitrile foam, vinyl foam or latex: winkler has gloves made of every material imaginable and for any professional purpose. We carry mechanic gloves, assembly gloves, disposable gloves and winter gloves and provide hand protection in all three categories for protective gloves:

Category I

Minimal risk – low protection requirements, such as for gardening.

Category II

Medium risk – restriction of potential for reversible injury.

Category III

High risk – danger of irreversible injuries. Complex PPE: protection against radiation or chemicals, for example

Important facts about gloves

Two DIN standards in particular are essential to the safety requirements for gloves:

EN 420
General requirements for protective gloves: This standard specifies the relevant test methods to be used for all protective gloves and the general requirements on design principles, glove manufacture and resistance of the glove material to water penetration, non-hazardousness, comfort and performance, as well as the labeling to be provided by the manufacturer and information to be provided by the manufacturer.

EN 388
Protective gloves against mechanical risks: Protective gloves against mechanical risks must achieve performance level 1 for at least one of the properties (abrasion, cut, puncture or tear resistance). The higher the number, the better the test result.

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