We offer you vehicle-dependent coolboxes and also universal coolboxes – exactly the way you need it.

LKW-Fahrer holt ein Getränk aus der Dometic Kühlbox

Ready-to-connect to keep it fresher

We make sure that our coolboxes draw just a little power. You get them ready to connect so you can use them quickly. Depending on what you need, we offer either vehicle-dependent coolboxes or ones that can be used universally for different vehicle types. Needless to say, the cooling stays constant no matter what the surrounding temperature is.

Catalog "On-Board Systems and Equipment for Omnibuses"

Equip your omnibuses with the best features, for example with info and entertainment on the road, interior lights, on-board kitchens and seats! Besides technical support such as navigation devices for the driver, we also offer passenger entertainment. Browse online or order now! (catalog only available in German)

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