Environmental protection statement

With the declaration of the winkler group of companies on sustainability and environmental protection, we acknowledged the responsibility we bear as a company in July 2016.

Responsible action and economic success - a good match

As a global company, we are aware of the responsibility we bear. As an economically active organization, we in the winkler group of companies consider it a social obligation to make a contribution to environmental protection. Against this background, we not only place high demands on our products, but also on our daily actions and our dealings with our customers and business partners.

In view of the limited resources available to the world's population, responsible use of these is a matter of course for us. With various measures, we contribute to sustainable development and at the same time to the economic success of our company. This is how we achieve our optimum energy savings potential through an energy concept. PartsLife GmbH was also able to determine this during an energy audit and has developed an energy management system for us. Certificate issued.

Technologies for saving energy and resources

We in the winkler group of companies are constantly looking for further ways to increase our energy efficiency and act in an even more resource-conserving manner. The following technologies are used primarily in our new operations. Some of our older locations are being retrofitted to this effect.

LED technology

To reduce electricity consumption, winkler uses energy-saving and cost-effective long-life LED bulbs. We turn on the light only when the daylight is not enough. In office corridors and warehouses, motion detectors and, in some cases, daylight controls automatically switch off the electric light when it is sufficiently bright.

Block-type thermal power station

Combined heat and power stations are also used within the group of companies. The energy produced in this way can be used directly on site in the form of electricity and for heating and cooling.

Floor heating

For more effective heating of our premises we use floor heating. These store and distribute heat better than local radiators and therefore use less energy.


Since most heating energy is lost through the building envelope, we at winkler focus on energy-efficient construction with modern insulation systems and windows with thermal insulation glazing.

Photovoltaic systems

At many locations, we use electrical energy generated by our own photovoltaic/solar power systems.

Remote heat

We use remote heat generated by the combustion heat in waste incinerators and biomass thermal power plants.

Heat pumps

We use heat pumps for heating and cooling.

Measures for saving energy and resources

Exhaust gas reduction

Trains or other public transport are used for business trips whenever possible. Our company cars have low gasoline or diesel consumption and therefore emit less climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

Recycling paper

Recycled paper is used primarily for internal use. Compared to chlorine-bleached paper, this not only saves energy and raw materials, but also reduces the burden on waste disposal facilities.

Waste separaton

Waste boxes are provided for efficient waste separation to keep general waste, paper/cardboard, plastics, scrap metal/metal products and wood waste separate.

Paper consumption

Paper consumption is reduced as much as possible. Emails and attachments are preferably processed electronically and only printed if absolutely necessary.

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