People and Culture

At winkler, we care about how we live with one another, how we work with one another. Our values and guiding principles are the foundation of our actions because our fellow human beings matter to us.

Our values

We are a medium-sized company that still feels like family despite our significant growth. To uphold this basis, solid values are especially important to us. Five corporate values are the heart of our company's culture and they shape the way we work together every day.

Our corporate values are part of our mission statement that on the one hand serves to guide our actions and, on the other, acts as a starting point for the continued development of the company. Under the motto "Outer growth needs development within," we have developed principles for business and leadership that translate the values into concrete corporate and strategic action, both internally and externally.

This means that we put people – customers and employees alike – at the center of everything we do. We develop clear and concrete goals for our further development and reach them competently, responsibly and sustainably.


Human dignity

We treat each other with respect and esteem. Team spirit and trust are what our work together is based on. This is how we create an atmosphere that encourages us to arrive at work with a good feeling.


Ability to communicate

We encourage discussions on an equal footing as well as communication in all directions. That's how we practice transparency and openness.



We strive for long-term success in order to offer secure jobs with opportunities for development. We respect the environment and resources and are consistently aware of the impact of our daily actions.


Strongly driven

We are motivated by our commitment to make a difference together and to achieve our goals. We create an environment in which everyone is involved and actively contributes to the company's success.



Taking responsibility for our own actions is especially important to us. We work honestly and conscientiously so that our internal and external partners can always rely on us.

Added value through nutritional value

We're convinced that good work needs good food. We want to give our employees the best working conditions, and that includes a good, balanced lunch with lots of variety. This is what winkler provides its staff in cooperation with its catering partner "Essenszeit" [mealtime].

In concrete terms, this means using fresh, high-quality ingredients and preparing them with care. This helps us to contribute to the well-being of our employees, which is why we're also happy to pay most of the costs involved.

Looking beyond the horizon

As a company conscious of its responsibilities, we want to make a real contribution to the future and to the general public. That's why year after year, we help charities around our locations complete an enormous variety of projects.

And because the social commitment of each individual counts, our up-and-coming managers go through several weeks of an internship in a charitable organization of their choice as part of their development program.

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